Cannondale Hollowgram

Cannondale Hollowgram Narrow wide chainrings are specially designed for the Cannondale Hollowgram Si/Si 2016, SiSl2 cranks.
IMPORTANT: While placing order, please leave a comment if you need it compatible with a normal chain or 12-speed (incl. Shimano HG+ & SRAM AXS Flattop)

  • Narrow wide system : thanks to the variable thickness of the teeth, the chain is hold from dropping even in rough sections!
  • Smooth spinning compared to a classic chainring thanks to the special design of the teeth profile.
  • Increased chain retention during strong jolts thanks to the improved teeth height.
  • Mud evacuation system for a top performance whatever is the weather.
  • Gain 150 to 400 grams on your bicycle weight when going from a classic configuration (with front derailleur and chain guide) to a single front chainring made by Amber Bikes.
  • Made from hard wearing aluminum alloy.

Technical specifications
  • Material: 7075-T6
  • Manufacturing: CNC Milling
  • Weight (+/-1g): 40g (26T), 46g (28T), 50g (30T), 59g (32T), 65g (34T), 71g (36T), 78g (38T), 83g (40T).
  • Weight Oval (+/-1g): 44g (26T), 45g (28T), 51g (30T), 57g (32T), 65g (34T), 71g (36T), 77g (38T), 85g (40T).
  • Chainline (mm): 46.5mm (26-28T), 47.4mm (30T), 47.9mm (32T), 49.7mm (34T), 50.3mm (36T).
  • Chainline Oval (mm): 46.5mm (26T), 47mm (28T), 48.1mm (30T), 49.2mm (32T), 50.4mm (34T), 51.3mm (36T), 52.2mm (38-40T).
  • Offset (mm): 7.2mm (26-28T), 6.3mm (30T), 5.8mm (32T), 4mm (34T), 3.4mm (36T).
  • Offset Oval (mm): 7.2mm (26T), 6.7mm (28T), 5.6mm (30T), 4.5mm (32T), 3.3mm (34T), 2.4mm (36T), 1.4mm (38-40T).
  • Compatible with: Cannondale Hollowgram Si/Si 2016, SiSl2 crancksets
  • Surface coating: Colored anodized